Sunshine On My Shoulders

So I want everyone to know that I had a great flight down to Miami, it is 90 here today, a big change from my home in NJ. I spent lastnight with my dear daughter touring this beautiful place. I am getting ready to head over to the DRI where I will spend the day with Executive Director Gary Kleiman. He will take me back into the labs today, It is something to see, yes I am looking forward to holding and seeing those islet cells again! Yes, I have my camera ready. I am also looking forward to seeing all of the Research Scientist, I’ve packed Reese’s Cup for all of them!!! I am just so excited about tonight to interview Dr. Camillo Ricordi, but mostly to see him again! He is an awesome down to earth man! I wish Dr. Fallon was here with me, I keep telling him that he is going to have to take a visit down here. Time is moving on and with that I must to get moving. I hope all of you listen tonight.

Big Hugs, kitty