Life’s Wonders

The things we see before our eyes can truly stimulate ones brain to think. Last night Dr. Fallon and I did a “live broadcast” from the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, PA. It was amazing to see where medicine has come from, where it is today and what is ahead for those in the Medical field.

We had the opportunity to take a private tour with The Camden County Medical Society. It was such an honor to be with this group of wonderful Physicians. I quietly observed each exhibit, not straying to far from my trusting Dr. He would have been the one that I would have turned to had I wanted to understand something better.

Things were going well; my eyes would become enlarged as I would slowly look at what is front of them. Phil Cinelli would comment on the different exhibits to me as he to was amazed. Yes, we saw the Worlds largest colon, Siamese twins, the Worlds smallest brain among many things.

As the tour guide made her way through the tour we came upon The Soap Lady. Now let me tell you that was the most horrific thing that I had ever seen in my entire life. I watched Dr. Fallon & Phil look inside the glass tomb. I slowly approached the tomb…I saw her feet, my stomach starting to turn, my body became flushed. I was in total disbelief what was lying there. I was determined to look, as I wanted to see just how far medicine has come, what they can learn from this specimen. As I slowly looked at her entire body, it became very clear to me that I soon would be getting sick, I slowly walked away from her and the entire group. Breathe, I would tell myself…just breathe Kitty.

I give to you: The Soap Lady:

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