The DRI Diabetes 2.0 Update in New York City

New York City again! Yes, it was my second trip back to a beautiful city that I hope to one day get to explore. Dr. Fallon and I drove up very early in the morning, leaving his office around 5:30am to attend the Diabetes Research Institute Diabetes 2.0 Update.

The day started off as the elevator doors open and there was Bob Pearlman, President of The DRIF. It was such a pleasure to see him again, the three of us had a nice visit before the day got started. It was so nice to see many of the family as I refer to the outstanding group from Miami. We got to visit with Gary Kleiman and finally meet his brother Glenn Kleiman, the voice behind the DRI Minute, which can be heard on our show each week. Lori Weintraub and I finally got to meet after working with each other for several years. Yes, I did get my hug from Dr. Camillo Ricordi and I have to say he looks pretty darn handsome! Wow, he just looks great, as he has just recently lost 40lbs… Way to go Camillo!

The day was just outstanding to all who attended. Many Scientist from around the world and guest speakers were in attendance giving talks throughout the day.

The State of Diabetes Research: A Global View, by Dr. Camillo Ricordi

The start of the 21st. century brought with it technical innovations and unprecedented opportunities that have already begun to revolutionize medical research. Powerful new tools are enabling physicians and scientist to combine engineering principles and nano-scale technology with biology to develop new ways to treat and cure diseases.

In his talk, Dr. Camillo Ricordi provided an overview of a new roadmap in cure-focused diabetes research – uniting leading investigators around the world to focus on several key research areas, including:

  • Tissue engineering to better protect transplanted cells and tissue
  • Exploring novel strategies to harness the enormous potential of adult and embryonic stem cells, to develop:
  1. A limitless supply of insulin-producing cells
  2. Cells capable of promoting cell survival
  3. Cells able to re-educate the immune system, so it would accept transplanted cells
  • The ability to promote islet regeneration in the native pancreas

Dr. Ricordi also reviewed the results of recent islet transplant studies conducted worldwide and explained how the emerging technologies are being applied to cell replacement strategies aimed at restoring natural insulin production in those living with diabetes.

Dr. Fallon and I enjoyed our day, as it was filled with so much information. During lunch we enjoyed a Panel Presentation; Research News: Hype or Hope? The Panelists of experts included: Moderator, Amy Tenderich,, Jeff Hitchcock, Founder and President, Children With Diabetes, Fran Carpentier,, Dr.Jay Skyler, DRI, Dr. Norma S. Kenyon,DRI, Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport,DRI,