May 5, 2009 ~ Diabetes Living Today® ~ No Sugar Added® Open Forum with NY Times Best Selling Author Brenda Novak

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This week Kitty and Dr. Fallon will host an “open forum.”  NY Times best author Brenda Novak will be calling in to talk about her 5th. Annual Mother’s Day Gift of Hope to diabetic son and others. 

NY TIMES BEST SELLING Author gives annual MOTHER’S DAY gift of hope to diabetic son and others

Novelist Brenda Novak’s 5th Annual Online Auction Benefits the Diabetes Research Institute

(Hollywood, FL), March 2009 – For New York Times best selling author and mother of five Brenda Novak, Mother’s Day isn’t about breakfast in bed or a special family gathering to celebrate her status as a mom. Instead, it’s the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, phone calls, seeking favors and just plain hard work. Novak’s 5th Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research ( held each May as a labor of love for her son who has lived with the disease for most of his life, is a month-long online event featuring lunches, dinners and personal meetings with celebrity authors, world-class getaway vacations and state-of-the-art gizmos and gadgets.  This year, the Diabetes Research Institute is the sole beneficiary of the event.

This Herculean effort has grown from a one-person show, raising just over $10,000 in its first year to an all-out effort aiming to break the $300,000 mark this year. In all, Brenda’s online auction effort has rasied a grand total of more than $500,000 in its first four years.

“Each year of the auction brings new excitement and with the array of items we have this year I’m looking forward to substantial interest and plenty of bidding,” said Novak.  “I’m particularly proud to have partnered with the Diabetes Research Institute whose work helps inspire me to do what I can to help raise critical research dollars, especially in these most difficult times.”

In the previous four years the auction has generated tremendous interest due in large part to the participation of some of the most prolific authors in the country today. In 2008, the auction site saw tens of thousands of hits and visitors and with this year’s collection of prized offerings, even more are expected. Among the most exciting auction items available are lunch with international bestseller Barry Eisler, tea with New York Times Bestseller Debbie Macomber and a stay at famed author Nora Robert’s Inn.

Beyond rubbing elbows with famous authors, the auction offers unique vacation getaways and exciting technology packages including the all new, “Kindle” reader. And for aspiring writers, the auction offers a chance to bid on evaluation opportunities with some of the most powerful and well-connected agents and editors in publishing, and possibly face-to-face interaction with these A-list publishing industry giants which have been among the most popular items in previous years.

“We are proud to be working with Brenda and honored to be the only beneficiary of her Online Auction. Bu,t most of all we are moved by the enormity of what Brenda’s done on her own and the talent she’s brought to the effort to find a cure for diabetes,” said Robert A. Pearlman, president and CEO of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. “In just a few short years, Brenda Novak has turned a wonderful idea into a well anticipated annual event.”

About Brenda Novak

It was a shocking experience that jump-started Brenda Novak’s bestselling author career. “I caught my day-care provider drugging my children with cough syrup and Tylenol to get them to sleep while I was away,” Brenda says.  “It was then that I decided I needed to do something from home.”

However, writing was the last profession she expected to undertake.  In fact, Brenda swears she didn’t have a creative bone in her body.  In school, math and science were her best subjects, and when it came time to pick a major in college, she chose business.  Abandoning her academic scholarship to Brigham Young University at the age of 20 in order to get married and start a family, Brenda dabbled in commercial real estate, then became a loan officer.

“When I first got the idea to become a novelist, it took me five years to teach myself the craft and finish my first book,” Brenda admits.  “I learned how to write by reading what others have written.  The best advice for any would-be author:  read, read, read….”

Brenda sold her first book, and the rest is history.  She’s hit various national bestseller lists, including Borders/Waldenbooks and The New York Times, and many of her novels have won or placed in contests such as the National Reader’s Choice and the Bookseller’s Best.

Brenda and her husband, Ted, live in Sacramento and are the proud parents of five children-three girls and two boys. She juggles her writing career with her children’s basketball and soccer games, field trips, carpool runs and homework sessions.

When she’s not spending time with her family or writing, Brenda is usually working on her annual fund-raiser for diabetes research-an online auction held at her Web site ( May 1 – May 31. Her youngest son, Thad, has diabetes, and Brenda is determined to help him and others like him.  She also enjoys traveling, watching sporting events and biking-she rides an amazing 20 miles every day!


Photo Above:  Brenda Novak with her son.

Listen to Diabetes Living Today® interview with Brenda Novak

May 5, 2009 ~ Diabetes Living Today® ~ No Sugar Added® Open Forum with NY Times Best Selling Author Brenda Novak

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