February 9, 2010 ~ “12 Steps To Better Diabetes Management” with Marc Lichter, editor of Diabetes Health Monitor

Diabetes Living Today® radio program, provides listeners with education, inspiration and motivation to live healthy and well with diabetes. Whether you have diabetes or know someone who does Diabetes Living Today® radio program offers experience, insight, education and tips to manage life with diabetes. Through interviews, including “World Class” Research Scientist, physicians and people living with diabetes, living well tips and questions from the listening audience, host Kitty Castellini and Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph J. Fallon, Jr. are there every step of the way to offer guidance, advice, and most of all, support.

This week Kitty and Dr. Fallon will interview Marc Lichter, editor of Diabetes Health Monitor Magazine.   

Marc Lichter, Managing/Senior Editor, Health Monitor Network

Marc Lichter brings 30 years of editorial experience to Health Monitor Network, the leading provider of patient-education publications, including Diabetes Health Monitor. Marc has been the lead editor of Diabetes Health Monitor since August 2008, and he’s been instrumental in making the publication ever more useful to those with diabetes. Among his goals has been to raise awareness of the condition by increasing celebrity input, helping everyone realize that diabetes can affect anyone, no matter how rich or famous they might be. Simultaneously, Diabetes Health Monitor stresses the everyday concerns of all those with diabetes in an effort to help them improve their lives from day to day.

Just prior to joining the Health Monitor team, Marc was executive editor at Caring Today, where he brought his expertise and first-hand knowledge regarding how to assist the seriously ill and the family caregivers responsible for their well-being to that company’s print and web products. As the content director for Caring Today, he was responsible for, among other things, the creation of “The Basic Caregiver Guide,” “The Diabetes Caregiver Guide,” “The Caregiver Guide to Respite Care,” and “The COPD Caregiver Guide.” He also authored the popular caregiver blog entitled “The Caring Mind.” Marc was recently named the editor in charge of www.healthmonitor.com, and he is dedicated to making that site more interactive, informative and user-friendly.

Marc, who attended Case Western Reserve University, is the widowed father of one daughter, of whom he is immensely proud.


“Learning about one’s illness, how to get the most from the patient-doctor relationship, and the need to balance caregiving with one’s own well-being are paramount,” says Health Monitor Network Managing/Senior Editor Marc Lichter. “Having dealt with my loved ones’ serious health issues, I understand the importance of bringing solid information to those facing similar concerns.”

Photo Above:  Marc Lichter

Listen to Diabetes Living Today® interview with Marc Lichter

February 9, 2010 ~ “12 Steps To Better Diabetes Management” with Marc Lichter, editor of Diabetes Health Monitor