May 2, 2010 ~ The Shifting Landscape of T2D with Dr. Matthew Wintle, MRCP, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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This week Kitty and Dr. Fallon will interview Dr. Matthew Wintle, MRCP from Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Matthew Wintle, MRCP (UK)

Director, Research & Development Strategic Relations

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dr. Wintle graduated from University of Wales College of Medicine in 1997 and gained early clinical experience in clinical pharmacology & toxicology. Combining a career as an international rugby player with training in cardiology, respiratory, general, intensive and acute care medicine he was elected to the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 2001. He joined Amylin Pharmaceuticals in 2002 providing physician oversight to all phases of Amylin’s clinical development program with responsibility for drug safety analyses and regulatory submissions. Following the FDA approval of two first-in-class diabetes therapies, BYETTA (exenatide) and SYMLIN (pramlintide) in 2005 he joined Amylin Medical Affairs as Director of Medical Programmes to support their global launch. He established Health Outcomes research at Amylin in 2005, chaired the Amylin-Lilly data analysis team and led many aspects of their late-stage research. His current responsibilities include providing strategic input to Amylin’s Research & Development programs with a lead role for their cardiometabolic research strategy and external communications with health care professionals, managed care, government, and business groups.

Photo Above:  Dr. Matthew Wintle, MRCP

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May 2, 2010 ~ The Shifting Landscape of Type 2 Diabetes