June 20, 2010 ~ “The Diabetes Care Project: A Candid Dialogue with Leading Experts.”

Diabetes Living Today® radio program, provides listeners with education, inspiration and motivation to live healthy and well with diabetes. Whether you have diabetes or know someone who does Diabetes Living Today® radio program offers experience, insight, education and tips to manage life with diabetes. Through interviews, including “World Class” Research Scientist, physicians and people living with diabetes, living well tips and questions from the listening audience, host Kitty Castellini and Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph J. Fallon, Jr. are there every step of the way to offer guidance, advice, and most of all, support.

This week Kitty and Dr. Fallon will interview Dr. James R. Gavin, clinical professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and Luc Vierstraete, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care of North America.

About the DCP

The Diabetes Care Project is a coalition of patient advocates and health partners whose goal is to educate patients, caregivers, health care providers and policymakers on the value of developing personalized management plans for diabetes patients in an effort to improve each patient’s health outcomes and lower costs for the entire health system. Roche Diagnostics and the National Minority Quality Forum are founding partners of the Diabetes Care Project, which is supported by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the Alliance for Aging Research. Project partners are committed to improving patient outcomes and advancing diabetes care and management.

About Dr. Gavin

James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD, is clinical professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana. He serves as CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Healing Our Village, Inc., He served as president and CEO of MicroIslet, Inc., San Diego, California, maintaining an office base in Atlanta, was president of the Morehouse School of Medicine; served as senior scientific officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and as director of the HHMI-National Institutes of Health Research Scholars Program. He is a past president of the ADA and was voted Clinician of the Year in Diabetes by the ADA in 1991. He was voted a Living Legend in Diabetes in 2009 by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. He has served on many advisory boards and on the editorial boards of the American Journal of Physiology and the American Journal of Medical Sciences. He is on the board of trustees for Emory University, Livingstone College, and is a trustee emeritus of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr Gavin is also chairman emeritus of the National Diabetes Education Program and a past member of the Board of Scientific Councilors for the Intramural Research Program of NIDDK at the NIH.”

Photo Above:  Dr. James R. Gavin, MD, PhD.

About Luc Vierstraete

Luc Vierstraete was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care North America in January 2007.  The Diabetes Care business unit provides innovative blood glucose monitoring systems, services and programs to consumers, medical professionals, hospitals and retailers. Luc oversees the business, operational and portfolio excellence of the company’s ACCU-CHEK® brand of products. Vierstraete joined Roche in 1987 at Group Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. From 1987 through 2006 he held key positions as General Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals in Norway, Thailand and Belgium and General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Italy. Prior to joining Roche, Vierstraete held sales and marketing positions at Schering-Plough in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe. Vierstraete earned his master’s degree in European economics at the University of Brussels in Belgium and his master’s degree in economics and commercial sciences at the Business University in Vienna, Austria.

Photo Above:  Mr. Luc Vierstraete

Listen to Diabetes Living Today® interview with Dr. James R. Gavin, MD, PhD. and Luc Vierstraete

June 20, 2010 ~ Dr. James R. Gavin from Emory University School of Medicine and Mr. Luc Vierstraete, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care North America.