February 8, 2011 ~ Diabetes Living Today® Interviews Dr. Robin Wagner on the STeP Study

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Dr. Robin Wagner

Dr. Robin Wagner joined Roche in 1999 and has worked on multiple diabetes care projects including: development of algorithms for an automated pancreas; development of a bolus calculator for people on multiple daily injections; and most recently, the development of the ACCU-CHEK 360° View blood glucose analysis tool as well as the design and publication of the STeP Study.

Dr. Wagner obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia (1984) and then practiced in upstate New York. She completed a Large Animal Medicine Residency at Cornel University (1989), obtained a PhD in Physiology at the Medical University of South Carolina (1995), and completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship (1998) at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

Dr. Wagner’s pre-Roche research career focused on white blood cell behavior during severe illness and high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the lung. Since joining Roche, she and her colleagues have published abstracts and papers about automated pancreas and bolus calculator research. Recently, Dr. Wagner has published numerous abstracts and three articles with Dr. William Polonsky about the research leading up to the STeP study as well as the study’s final results.

Dr. Wagner has a special passion for diabetes research as she developed Type 2 diabetes in 1999. She has been managing her diabetes with an insulin pump for four years now and is dedicated to finding new ways to help fellow diabetics discover better ways to manage their diabetes.

For more information please visit the following websites:

Link to the ACCU-CHEK 360° View tool: https://www.accu-chekconnect.com/connect/diabetes_tools/360view_tool.html.

Link to the Diabetes Care editorial: http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/34/2/527.full.pdf

Dr. William Polonsky’s Behavioral Diabetes Institute STeP Web site: http://behavioraldiabetesinstitute.org/studies/STeP-Study.html

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February 8, 2011 ~ Dr. Robin Wagner STeP Study