March 13, 2011 ~ Diabetes Management with Dr. James D. Mickle, Jr.

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James D. Mickle, Jr., M.D.

Dr. James Mickle is a general practitioner associated with Berks Medical Associates in Boyertown, Pa. Dr.Mickle has a preventive health philosophy and was boarded by the American Board of Clinical  Lipidology which is an organization dedicated to optimal rather than conventional care of the human vasculature.

He is concerned that myocardial infarctions and stroke limit life , health, and human productivity. He believes natural treatments with omega 3 fish oils, the vitamin niacin, and red rice yeast for “bad cholesterol” is almost “mandatory” for American longevity.  Ultrasound utilization to see the penetration of arterial plaquing is a modus operendi for pushing the button for pharmacologic intervention. He has been engaged in cholesterol issues for 15 years and questions and looks for inconsistencies i.e. why would a 40 year old would have a heart attack with normal lipid chemistries!

He is a graduate of Penn State University of Medicine in 1975, and his wife works as an editor of El Palacio, a magazine celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. His son and daughter  work in the film industry. He does practice with enthusiasm and utilizes a purple stethoscope.

Photo Above:  Dr. James D. Mickle, Jr.

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March 13, 2011~ Diabetes Management with Dr. James D. Mickle, Jr.