Artificial Pancreas Shows Promise In Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

(RTTNews) – A new study from researchers at the University Cambridge of Metabolic Research Laboratories suggests that a computer assisted artificial pancreas may aid in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. In the study 24 adult diabetes patients used the device, which helps regulate glucose control overnight.

Half of the patients consumed a moderate meal and the other half consumed a larger meal and then both used the device over night. The researchers found that the entire group enjoyed a 28 percent increase in the amount of time glucose levels were in the ideal range.

“This study is more good news, and we’re seeing an evolution of more and more sophistication in this closed loop study,” Aaron Kowalski, assistant vice president for treatment therapies at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, tells

“What we’re doing now is pressing these systems in real situations with the goal of getting to the next step of testing at home.”

by RTT Staff Writer