March 14, 2012 ~ Dr. Leonard Krivy Talks about Diabetes and Transplantation

Dr. Leonard Krivy is a nationally recognized educational consultant, author, broadcaster and newspaper columnist.  In his distinguished career, he’s been a teacher, career counselor, college dean, Director of Philadelphia’s Commission on Higher Education, Executive Director of the College of Allied Health Professions at Hahnemann Medical College, consultant and advisor on education to colleges, labor industry and government.

In recent years he has concentrated on individual counseling; specializing in guiding students to and through college; graduate and professional schools.

He offers unique expertise: detailed first-hand knowledge of educational systems and institutions; developed skills in advanced placement and counseling; and understanding of and an affinity for young people – a combination that affords and unduplicated personalized service.

Over the years, I’ve answered your questions on Schools and Schooling on CBS radio and in my newspaper columns.  I’ve met with numbers of you in my private educational counseling practice, where I specialize in high school; college, graduate and professional school advisement and placement, and in educational and vocational testing.  I also provide complete expert and confidential financial aid counseling for college, graduate and professional school.

For information on the wide range of educational and career planning services offered, or for an appointment, please call

Remember the right guidance is of lifelong importance.  I look forward to helping you.

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March 14, 2012 ~ Dr. Leonard Krivy Talks about Diabetes and Transplantation