Kitty Castellini

Kitty Castellini, President and Founder of Diabetes Living Today®, has more than 50 years of experience with diabetes.  Castellini is a former type 1 diabetic who underwent a pancreas transplant at The University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, MD in August of 2004. Her body has been producing its own insulin ever since.

Castellini transplanted pancreas failed in 2013 from a virus.  She is currently living with type 1 diabetes which she manages with the use of an integrated insulin pump and CGM system from Medtronic.  Castellini is the longest pancreas alone transplant patient in the entire world.

Castellini is recognized today as a “National Thought Leader” on diabetes by many pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and those living with the disease themselves. She also currently sits on an advisory board for Roche Diagnostic, and is a guest writer and consultant with Medtronic.  Castellini became an Ambassador for Medtronic in 2014.  Castellini, is a spokesperson for her local JDRF chapter, South Jersey in her home state of New Jersey. She is an active advocate for cure-focused research and fund-raising.

In 2007, The Congress of the United States, House of Representatives acknowledged Castellini’s impressive work in helping others who suffer from diabetes through her writing, fund raising and interviews.  The State of New Jersey Senate honored her for her exemplary service, steadfast commitment, and praiseworthy history of inspired leadership; which has served the lives of the citizenry of her community and State; earned the deepest respect and admiration of many; provided a standard of excellence for all to know and to emulate.

In 1980, Castellini joined The Laborers’ International Union of North America where she specialized in chemicals and explosive for the Haz-Mat division as a “confined space entry specialist,” working on some of the most dangerous super-fund sites in the United States overseen by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  She was a licensed first responder, with a federal license in chemicals and explosives.  She retired in 2000 due to complications of diabetes.  To date, Castellini is still a member in good standing with The Laborers’ International Union.

Castellini was named Roche Diabetes Care Hero and Torchbearer in 2011, a $10,000 donation in Castellini name was made to South Jersey JDRF Chapter.